Unique thought-provoking perspectives

We are three different personalities, together forming a strong multidisciplinary team. The blogs below reflect our uniqueness and individuality, in that the content in each is not necessarily a team perspective but rather that of the individual author.

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In the last few weeks I have spoken to quite a few business leaders and business owners. Each one of them was approaching the COVID crisis in a different way: the spectrum went from keeping a low profile and reducing expenses to avoid running out of cash, to using this as an opportunity to increase …


Many articles have been written citing Listening as a gift to share with others, a gift of time. So now, when we have just that – more (or different) time – it is more important than ever to dedicate some conscious thought and focus on how and when we really listen. Until relatively recently, our …


Right now, I’m writing my first blog post ever and I am feeling the challenge! So often we hear of people feeling challenged, or we ourselves feel overwhelmed by certain things, some small, some large, and sometimes by a conglomeration of things – possibly by life itself. I went online and looked up the word …